My Mobile Watchdog Parental Control Application

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My Mobile Watchdog Parental Control Application

Parental Control Cell Phone Monitoring Application by My Mobile Watchdog

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Start protecting your children now!

Learn how to protect your children from online and mobile predators, using our Parental Controls Cell Phone Monitoring application for Android and Blackberry. Used by the F.B.I., Homeland Security, and Endorsed by Law Enforcement

My Mobile Watchdog is the most trusted and effective Google parental controls protection for you and your children's Android & Blackberry smartphones. My Mobile Watchdog helps you keep your children safe with real time monitoring, communication and parental controls. The leading Parental Control Mobile App since 2006. Loaded with all the features that parents have been asking for.

Cell Phone Monitoring
Child's Mobile Activity Report
GPS Location Tracking
Allowed Contact LisT
Block Web Access to Dangerous Websites
Time Management
Application Blocking

Learn How to Setup Parental Controls:

Monitoring and Alerts
Monitor your child's phone activities with your My Mobile Watchdog account from any internet connected computer or smartphone. Features include:
• Monitor Phone Calls
• Monitor Text Messages (SMS)
• Record Picture Messages (MMS)
• Track GPS Locations and MORE!
Receive instant text or email notifications of your child's unauthorized activities to your phone or email.
View your child's mobile activities by date, status, time, action and detail. Print reports of monitored activity.

Allowed Contact List
My Mobile Watchdog automatically syncs all your child's contacts quickly and easily allowed you to set up a master list of contacts. Only you have access to add or make changes.
• Mark contacts as Allow or Alert.
• Include contact phone numbers, email and text addresses as well as other information.
• Provide an automatic cross-check of all calls, emails and text messages against the authorized contact list.

Block Web Access
Give your child access to the mobile internet and block any individual website that you feel is not appropriate. You will receive alerts when your child attempts to access a blocked site.

Web Logging
All mobile internet activity on your child's phone is logged and easily accessible from your My Mobile Watchdog online account.

Time Blocking
Designate specific time slots that restrict your child's phone usage. During these time slots, your child will only be allowed to make calls to emergency phone numbers (like 911) and other important numbers designated by the parent or account holder.

Application Blocking
Block new and existing applications on your child's phone, such as:
• Social Networking Apps (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
• Mobile Games (Angry Birds, Bejeweled, etc.)
• Instant Messaging Apps (Yahoo Messenger, AIM, Beluga)
• Web Browser or Camera
Blocked apps become password-protected. Grant temporary access as needed. Show less
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