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3 knots every (wo)man should know: Bowline knot, trucker's hitch, 1/2 hitch

749 views 2 days ago
Video: If you know how to tie a bowline knot, a trucker's hitch and a half-hitch, your days of wondering if the mattress, drywall, lumber or Christmas tree will make it to the destination are over. Note: While these knots are awesome, they are not a cure for, well...this...

We use these three knots for all kinds of stuff: Tying up floppy shrubs, getting string-lines tight, tying off a tarp, or securing items in a moving van or rental truck. Plus, this is man stuff. I think this is something guys should know how to do.

-Bowline knot. One of the many benefits of a bowline knot is that it's both easy to tie---and untie. A knot doesn't do you much good if it ruins the rope (line) you've tied it in.

-Trucker's Hitch. Once you've tied your bowline knot---I think of it as the anchor knot---the trucker's hitch is next. This knot pulls all the stretch out of the line. There is no way on this green earth that you can pull a rope this tight without it. And, tied right, it comes right out because you cinch with a 1/2-hitch.

-Half-hitch. The beauty of 1/2 hitch comes when it's time to unload. Not only is it fast and easy to tie, it makes untying a non-tangle snap.

So man up and get it tied down.

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