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Learn Python Programming Tutorial 1 | Installing Python

35,578 views 8 months ago
In this tutorial series we will be learning all about the python programming language. We will start from the very basics and work towards some pretty sweet stuff.

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Learn to create games & apps! Learn Java programming along the way. If you are an Absolute Beginner or even a master at Java programming already, this is the perfect starting place for you!

Java Game Applets- Beginning Game Programming Play

This is mybringback's Java game development series. We will be walking through the structure of game development, as well as pick up new and needed concepts. Please watch the Learn Java Beginner series at mybringback before attempting this series. Of attempt this series and don't worry about the Beginner Series, the choice is yours my friend.

Learn Xcode 4.2 Tutorial iOS iPad iPhone Apps Play

iPhone application development. Starting with the basics all the way to game development.
This is our intermediate android series, so if you are brand new to programming check out the android 1.0 series, or the java 1.0 series first.

In this series we will be covering the information that you most likely we need as a freelancer. Passing data, interacting with a database or a web service, and a bunch of other really neat stuff.

Have fun!
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