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    CVN71 Flightdeck After Hours

    • 3 months ago
    During my initial carrier qual I found my way to the flight deck after flight ops had been secured. The video doesn't do the mood justice; After seeing the flight deck busy all day with flight ope...
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    T-45C Inflight Engagement

    • 3 months ago
    Video of an inflight engagement by a T45C during initial carrier qualification aboard CVN-71, the USS Teddy Roosevelt. As seen from one of the platform camera screens in the ready room.
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    T-45C Section Approach Through IMC

    • 3 months ago
    We shot this section approach into NQI coming back from a cruise form flight. I think I cut it off somewhere to the final approach fix but you get the idea. Section approaches reduce the demand o...
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    Formation Barrel Rolls in a T-45C

    • 3 months ago
    Over the top on a cruise form flight. Pretty nice job if you ask me...Gorgeous day. Get yourself learned up at my buddy's website: www.cfinotebook.net.
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    Weps flight

    • 3 months ago
    Approach and entry to the T45C bombing pattern. Comms are from memory, its been a few months.
  • Division Flight from Dash 4

    • 3 months ago
    I shot this on the way back from dropping bombs in Texas. We don't usually fly this loose...it's called "loose cruise" for a reason. There's about 200' of spacing between each of us but it's usua...
  • Solo flight in the T-6II

    • 3 months ago
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    VR176 River Run

    • 3 months ago
    Low and fast over the desert. We were detached from NAS Kingsville for a little training out west. This is the VR-176...a low-level military training route (MTR) designated for high-speed, low-le...
  • Math as follows: KE=1/2(m)(v*v)





    sq.rt. of 3107.14 = 55.74

    Police Chase 186 MPH (299KM) Speeder In Victoria Highway Run

    A video obtained by police in Canada allegedly showing 25-year-old Randy George Scott of British Colombia riding a motorcycle at speeds reaching at least 186 mph.
  • Pretty sure people would take a different view if the flightlead miscalculated the run-in, on the egress dash-4 clipped a tower and crashed in a metropolitan area, and oh by the way, these are students flying

    Fly-over investigation finds planes flew too low - www.AirCrashObserver.com

    VANCE AIR FORCE BASE, Okla. -- Authorities have completed their investigation into the Iowa Kinnick Stadim flyover. The 71st Flying Training Wing investigation finds the planes were flying too low.
  • Way to be out of position dash-4

    Fly over dangerously close at Iowa vs Ohio State football game 2010.AVI

    following the national anthem at the Iowa vs Ohio State 2010 football game there was a fly over by military jets. as you can see they flew way too low and barely cleared the jumbotron screen.
  • You had ONE MISSION!...to be on time! The Marine Corps wouldn't have been late...

    Requesting permission for flyby...

    This was from the University of Michigan vs University of Illinois football game Saturday, October 20, 2007. Don't give up on this video when the National Anthem ends (at 25 seconds).... There is...
  • Way to be acute ;)

    Section Cruise LakeChelan, WA

    2 T-45C's flying down Lake Chelan in the Cascades of WA in summer of 2008
  • That's not a hot start...it's starting a hot engine. TOT rapidly rising above max is indicative of a hot start...In this case, TOT rises to a range within limits. A hot start in this case would have TOT rapidly rising above redline and not looking back.

    Cessna P210 Silver Eagle Turbine Hot Start

    See Captain Robert Nicolas , Owner of PropJet Aviation perform a turbine hot start on the Rolls Royce powered O&N Silver Eagle P210, then lines up for a high performance takeoff.
  • @MetatronsPubes Thats taking Warren vs District of Columbia and perverting the verdict. The point of Warren vs District of Columbia wasn't to illustrate that police don't have to render assistance but to say that police cannot be held liable to the victim of a crime based on a failure to act.

    CopBlockers Question Police and Expose Undercover Cop at Gun Protest

    Pete and Ademo of http://copblock.org attended a gun protest at Plymouth State University in the Shire (aka New Hampshire). Overall the event was a success with great conversations being had about ...
  • Epoxy wont stick to saran wrap or plain old packing tape. The nice part about packing tape is the sharp edge you get because its so thin. Masking the edges of your joints with packing tape shouldnt discolor the wood and would make cleanup a little easier. A sheet of saran wrap on your cauls would prevent the magazine paper from transferring images or sticking. Just from my own experiance...great looking door!

    18 How To Glue Up Mortise and Tenon Joints - SOLID WOOD DOOR SERIES - Video 8

    http://AskWoodman.com/ This is the eighth video in a detailed series featuring important aspects of finishing, sanding, gluing and clamping a traditional solid wood door.

    Video Eight covers gluein...
  • Im sure you're aware but I wanted to clarify for the viewers based on my experiance with composites and fiberglass boatbuilding; when joining two solid pieces, epoxy works best by filling all voids. For this reason, its best to get everything lined up correctly and press the pieces together only once. Pulling them apart or working the joint too much will cause voids and areas with reduced coverage. Epoxy actually bridges the gaps between fibers. Too little epoxy = weaker joint.

    17 Intro to Gluing and Clamping - SOLID WOOD DOOR SERIES - Video 7

    This is the seventh video in a detailed series featuring important aspects of finishing, sanding, gluing and clamping a traditional solid wood door. http://AskWoodman.com/

    Video Seven is an intro...
  • Rest assured. Although the nation has changed, the values and the purpose of our Marine Corps has not. We have never, nor will we ever compromise our core values. For as long as America wants a Marine Corps, we will exist to fill two roles: Win battles, and make more Marines.

    MCRD Parris Island 1950s

    Like This Movie Trailer? Go to http://www.militaryvideo.com/ to purchase the entire video, or to see movie trailers of over 700 other military videos.
    This video documents boot camp at Parris Islan...
  • In case anyone's wondering, they land with the speed breaks out to increase drag forcing a higher throttle setting. This is because the engine's response gets better with higher rpm. Some of these passes are called FCLPs...practice for landing on the carrier. It's hard to see but just to the left of the landing light is a little box with a green, red, or yellow light. The LSO uses that light to tell if the jet's angle of attack is high, low, or if he's "on speed" in the groove.

    T-45's at NAF El Centro

    • by 8081rt
    • 4 years ago
    Watch as T-45 Goshawks make several touch and go's and depart and land on RWY26.

    Nov 18. 2009

    If you would like to see more videos like this, please subscribe to the channel. Also, dont...
  • Ohhhh good, IPs don't roll their sleeves in the back so neither should I ;) Dually noted. In all seriousness, solid video, there's not alot of T-6 stuff up on here and shooting from the back is definitely a good perspective. I'd love to upload a few of mine but I wouldn't want anyone to think I actually shot video from the cockpit. Because I didnt. Officially.

    Navy T-6 Texan II GoPro HD HERO Video

    GoPro video from my last few flights in the Navy T-6A Texan. Watch it in HD, and Fly Navy!
  • A variation on this technique is to use a bit more yeast, form the bagels and then let them rise for 20 minutes. The short rise makes a more dense bagel that sinks when it enters the pot. Wait till they float, count to 10 and take them out. The heat of boiling activates the yeast. Throw them on a rack and bake at 420 until brown. That's the way we do it on this side of the hudson.

    New York Bagels

    • by tkatman
    • 4 years ago
    How to make an Old Fashion NY Bagel. Also check out how to make a NY Bialy - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqJLExaX0yc

    Visit Chef Mark at farmfoodcooking.com and the Farm Food Cooking YouTube Ch...
  • This video is incorrect. The T-45C is started with the PCL OFF. BATT 1 and 2 on, PCL OFF, Start switch NORMAL, GTS button MOMENTARILY PRESSED. At this point the GTS spools up to idle. When it's at idle with the GTS advisory illuminated, Start Switch - START. The GTS spools up all the way, you get the GTS READY light and when N2 reaches 15-20%, PCL - IDLE

    CP-T-45C Cockpit Instructional Training Video


    Custom built for the Saitek Combat Pilot Series multiplayer combat simulation game by A2A, the T-45C is used as an advanced trainer for all Carrier Strike and selecte...
  • The most ironic part is that there's nothing "annonymous" about this video. If anyone who mattered wanted his identity, they'd have it. Every video uploaded is tied to a username, which is tied to an "identity". If nothing else, the ip address is trackable..every single thing you do on the internet is traceable. If this video was uploaded from ANY network while he was over there, it's even easier because ALL internet traffic in-country is monitored. What an idiot...

    Military Officer speaks out (War on Terror vs War on Debt) vote Ron Paul 2012

    A military member (Capt Anonymous) speaks the truth about the War on Terror and current state of the US economy. Pleads for Americans to vote Ron Paul to end the War.
  • Incorrect...the military does. 12 dual-pilot flights with the 12th being a safe-for-solo checkride and then you're out there alone on the 13th. Roughly 20 hours in the T-6 before the contact solo. The only prior time some of these guys have is 15 hours in a 172.

    T-6 solo: engine start

    My initial solo. It went flawlessly.
  • This is the AF's way of doing things. All these procedures are a little different for navy/marine corps because we fly the T6B. For the most part, this is generally how it's done.

    T-6 Texan II, Engine Start Checklist

    Video from the T-6 Texan II cockpit trainer. Checklist and responses for the "Engine Start Checklist" run by Air Force Instructor Pilot guru, John, also known as the lone FAIP in our Pit Instructor...
  • Downtown Pensacola Flooding 9 June 2012.3gp

    • 2 years ago
    On June 9th 2012 several storms rolled in from the southwest over the Gulf of Mexico. The heavy rainfall caused flooding throughout the Pensacola region. This video was filmed about 3 hours after...
  • Hey man, you do great work and I've learned a lot from your videos! One thing though...having worked extensively with composites I'e verally found that once you put pressure on epoxy you don't want to take it off. You mentioned that you put the clamp on the lower handle to press them before the final clamp, but my recommendation would be that if you're going to do that, leave the clamp on until the epoxy is cured. You'll get a much stronger joint that way ;)

  • @tmccart3 someones never fired a mk19. riding the bolt home while charging the weapon could prevent the round from not fully seating on the bolt face. the bolt is always sent home for a halfload condition.

    Mk19 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher on Range 7

    • 3 years ago
    Firing the Mk19 40mm AGL at TBS during a live fire range in Quantico. Rack 1 seats a round on the bolt face. Send the bolt home. Rack 2 prepares the weapon to fire. I adjust the Traverse and El...
  • Guy Just Fucking Lost it on Air

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