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Fini Henriques - Livsglædens Dans - Michael Schönwandt + DRSO

1,989 views 5 months ago
Danish violinist, composer, writer of ballets and much more Valdemar Fini Henriques, 'Livsglædens Dans'/"Dance to the joy of life" fra balletten 'Den Lille Havfrue' (1920) / from the Ballet 'The little mermaid' - DRSO - Michael Schönwandt - © Danmarks Radio
Fini is 'short' for 'Finni' his babtized name. Read Wikipedia in Danish more of the popular person here http://da.wikipedia.org/wik...

The orchestra: http://www.dr.dk/Koncerthus...

February 15. 2014
This video is -as clearly notified in the first 11 seconds of the video- copyrighted by Danmarks radio. The music is Public Domain music that can only be copyrighted by each concert INDIVIDUALLY by the owner or administrator of the concert. Any claim by one of the stated names or their e-mail addresses are therefore in a court of law to be considered as an 'attempt to commit fraud'.
List of previous claimants below:

Active Soft SRL, AdRev for a rights holders, AdRev Publishing, AdRev Publishing support, AdShare, APM Music, Azzurra Music, Believe, BMG , CDBaby / Rumblefish, Digidi, Eagle Rock, EMI, fintagehouse, Getty Images Music, GoDigital MG For a Third Party, Harry Fox Agency, Ingrooves, IODA, JP Residual, KODA_CS, Kontor New Media, Music Beyond, Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society, myvideorights: Base79 music, One or more music publishing rights collecting societies, Pedl , Playground Music, PRS CS, Rebeat Digital GmbH, rumblefish, Sacem, SONY, Sony ATV Publishing, Sony Music, Supraphon, TEOSTO_CS, The Orchard, TONO_CS, Tubesat Publishing, UMG, UMPG Publishing, Victor Entertainment, Warner Chappell, Warner Music, WMG Warner Music Group
Or to the claimants with these e-mail contact addresses.

AdRev Publishing.contact, AdRev.contact, AdShare MG for a Third Party.contact, Alexandra Dumitru.contact, anders @heptagon.se.contact, APM Music Mark Brinker.contact, APM Music.contact, Asci, Jimmy.contact, Audiam Support.contact, Base79 music.contact, Believe.contact, BFMDigital.contact, CD Baby.contact, cs_disputes.contact, cs-denise @cduniverse.com.contact, Darjusch Ziaabadi.contact, Digital Distribution A.M.B.A [Merlin].contact, distribution @teosto.fi.contact, Elliot Tristram.contact, EMI YouTube.contact, Finetunes.contact, Fintagehouse.com.contact, Getty Images Music,UK.contact, Getty Images Music.contact, Harry Fox Agency.contact, Harry Fox, YouTube.contact, Hungaroton music Legal copyright department.contact, Info [Merlin] Digigi.contact, Ingrooves Claim disputes.contact, IODA Disputes.contact, IODA.contact, jens @panix.com.contact, Kobalt Music.contact, Koch Entertainment.contact, Kontor New Media.contact, legal @support.youtube.com.contact, Libor Holecek.contact, Linda Hruzova.contact, Made in Etaly.contact, Pedl WarnerChappell.contact, POLAK Ingrid.contact, PRS CS.contact, Richardson, Ben.contact, Rumblefish, Inc.contact, Rumblefish.contact, Sacem CS.contact, Sony ATV Music.contact, Sony.contact, Supraphon.contact, The Orchard.contact, torgny @playgroundmusic.com.contact, Tube,You,Sony Music.contact, Tunesat Publishing.contact, UMG.contact, UMPG.contact, UMPI.contact, Warner Chappell.contact, WMG.contact, Yoon Choe.contact.

So Rumblefish: Release your automatic claim as promished within the agreed 2 days! Thanks Mugge62
Rumblefish released the claim in one day, and EVERY clue that Rumblefish ever HAD made the claim using the poor ID-recognition tool was removed as well ? = Strange action by The YouTube Advertisment Team .
Only YouTubes own partner 'One or more music publishing rights collecting societies' are the initiatior of most fraudulent claims on behalf of the partners and therefore open invitations to these 'partners' to try to commit fraud is left behind. Show less
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