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What Extension means to me: Doug Lewis

383 views 3 weeks ago
In honor of the Centennial Celebration of Cooperative Extension, Michigan State University Extension wants to answer the question "What does Extension mean to you?"

Doug Lewis, a volunteer with 4-H in Washtenaw County, Michigan and an avid supporter of Michigan State University Extension, explains to us what impact he sees on his community because of MSU Extension. In the interview, he commented that children are the future, so it's our duty to teach them everything we can.

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Centennial Celebration Play

How has MSU Extension impacted the lives of Michigan residents? Interviews will answer the question - "What does Extension mean to you?"

Did You Know? Play

"Did You Know?" Is a series of video news features focusing on the programs, research and major initiatives being carried out within Michigan State University Extension. The segments air on WKAR TV 23 in East Lansing each weekend directly before each airing of the public affairs program "Off the Record". The video segments are designed to raise the public's awareness of Extension and all it does. In addition to appearing on WKAR TV the segments may also appear on other PBS stations in Michigan as well as online.

Health and Nutrition Play

Through community-based family eating approaches, Michigan State University Extension delivers high-quality and affordable education to serve the needs of children, youth, families and communities in urban, rural and suburban areas. MSU Extension programming promotes healthy lifestyles and educates Michigan residents, allowing each individual to acquire the skills to take control and manage his or her personal health, consume an affordable and nutritious diet, improve self, family and community relationships, reduce the spread of disease and to be a leader in the food industry.

Firewise Play

Wildfires in the state of Michigan are generally underestimated in regard to number and losses. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources estimates that 8,000 to 10,000 wildfires occur each year in this state. While most of these are small wildfires - burning between 5 and 50 acres—many wildfires exceed 100 acres and some have consumed thousands of acres. In addition, each year 100 to 200 homes and buildings are either lost or damaged due to wildfires. Because most wildfires are caused by human activities, the number of wildfires and losses can be reduced if residents would take more precautions.
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