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M&R Presents: Screen Printers Success Stories - RIPT Apparel

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There are thousands of ways to get into screen printing—and thousands of screen printing success stories. This is one.

In this episode, we talk with Matt Ingleby, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of RIPT Apparel. Matt tells us how they started with an idea built around social media, just-in-time inventory management and efficient production techniques to become one of the most successful Shirt-A-Day sites on the internet. If you watch closely, you'll see several key pieces of M&R and Amscomatic equipment on their production line.

M&R, the most successful name in screen printing manufacturing—and the world's largest manufacturer of screen printing equipment—has been helping screen printers create success stories since 1986.

For more information about RIPT Apparel: http://www.RIPTapparel.com

For more information about M&R Screen Printing and Amscomatic Automation Equipment: http://www.mrprint.com Show less
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Digital Screen Room Play

M&R's lineup for automated screen production is revolutionizing the screen rooms of shops everywhere. Take a look to see how you can add consistent quality to your screen production while saving time, materials and labor costs.

M&R Factory Tour Play

No time to make the trek to Chicago to check out our factories in person? Now you can do it from the comfort of your own home, office, laptop or phone. Walk along with Rich Hoffman as he shows you every aspect of M&R's two manufacturing facilities in Glen Ellyn and Niles, Illinois.

The Big Move Play

Bryan Huber's screen printing shop, Icon Screening, keeps growing (a common occurrence in shops equipped with M&R screen printing equipment), and Bryan decided it was time for a larger building and more M&R screen printing machines. When it came time to install their new screen printing equipment, including an automatic press, a textile screen dryer, and flash cures, M&R technicians were there to help. First up was the Challenger III screen printing press. Next was the Sprint gas textile screen printing dryer followed by several Cayenne D flash cure units. This was just the first of several days in the installation of new screen printing machines and the relocation of other screen printing equipment to the new facility, so be sure to subscribe so you can follow along as Icon Screening moves from its startup screen printing shop to a MUCH larger facility in just a few days.

You can see it all happen in a mere 3 minutes and 13 seconds.

For information about the Challenger III Automatic Screen Printing Press, click here:

For information about the Sprint Series of Gas Textile Dryers (or ovens) for drying t-shirts, click here:

For information about the Cayenne D Flash Cure Unit, click here:

Waterbased PVC-Free Alternatives Play

This is a six part series.

In an attempt to give back to the industry what the industry has given to him, 35-year veteran screen printer Mark Gervais explains how to produce high-quality screen prints using High-Solids Acrylic Water-Base Ink Systems.

Gervais named the presentation at 2013 ISS Long Beach "The 1st Annual Screen Trappers Rendezvous" in the spirit of fur trappers who would gather each year to renew friendships, tell tales, and share techniques.

Mark extends a special thanks to all who participated and contributed, especially Murakami, which sponsored the event.

Textile Presses Play

M&R textile presses are simply the finest in the world. But our presses are not just fast, they are rugged, reliable, and easy to operate. And we build presses designed to run around the clock every day of the year.
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