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Robb's Homemade Life

Viewer appreciation & Channel introduction video. Thanks youTubers!!!

11,775 views 1 year ago
Thanks everybody! I truly appreciate all the views, subscribers and comments on my videos and look forward everyday to seeing what you guys have created and uploaded to YouTube.
Thanks to all the other videomakers out there that are taking the time to share helpful and amazing videos and inspiring the rest of us to try harder. You know who you are.

I have started adding to my Channel featured channels of other youtubers that do not have a lot of subscribers (like me), but who are making truly outstanding videos, (unlike me). Please check them out.

Thanks again everybody . I will continue to add videos weekly as long as it is still fun. Let me know if i can help at any time regarding any of my videos.
Don't forget to spend some time off the computer.

See you out there.

music via Creative Commons

"A Stranger's Map of Texas" by Michael Chapman & The Woodpiles (http://freemusicarchive.org...) Show less
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My personal uploaded videos showing how I make all sorts of gadgets and inventions.


My personal uploaded videos of a frugal or prepper or survival nature.

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I enjoy making my comedy videos the most. They are also the hardest to make,have lost me the most subscribers and given me the most negative votes. So, my only choice left is to make many more.
I also added a few comedy videos by others that are not well known and should be.
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