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Sully Science

Sully Science Channel Trailer

1,129 views 1 year ago
A collection of some my most popular and favorite videos. Videos featured in the trailer:
Flame Test: http://dft.ba/-FlameTest
Pumpkin: http://dft.ba/-SullyPumpkin
Boron Ester: http://dft.ba/-BoronEster
Thermite: http://dft.ba/-Thermite
Wax Fireball: http://dft.ba/-WaxBurn
Nitrogen Triiodide: http://dft.ba/-NI3
Ice on Fire: http://dft.ba/-BurningIce
Mg in Dry Ice: http://dft.ba/-MgDryIce
Gummy Bear Sacrifice: http://dft.ba/-GummyBear
Dry Ice Bomb: http://dft.ba/-DryIceBottle
Fire Writing: http://dft.ba/-FireWriteSully
Tabletop Cannon: http://dft.ba/-TabletopCannon
Carbide Cannon: http://dft.ba/-SullyCarbide...
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Water Balloon Launcher Lab 06 Play

This is my physics class (all seniors) launching water balloons with slingshots. Due to safety reasons lauchers are hard to find in stores anymore, but I got a decent pair on eBay. None of these videos are great, but the best two are the first two.
If you measure the time that it takes the balloon to travel and the distance it travelled horizontally you can calculate the horizontal speed (s=d/t). Assuming that air resistance is negligible and that the balloon reached the peak of its trajecory at the half-way point (in time) then the maximum height can be calculated using the free-fall formula (d=1/2*g*t^2). From there the average vertical speed can be calculated (s=d/t, using 1/2 of the total time). At this point trigonometry can be used to calculate the angle of launch (and Pythagorean's theorem can be used to calculate the average resultant speed).

Flame Tests- Individual Play

Flame Tests with each salt done individually for a close-up view. Filmed Fall 2008.

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