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Moth to Flame

Funemployment Trailer by Moth to Flame

586 views 4 months ago
After getting laid off from his 9-5 corporate job, a regimented young man joins his best friend's startup and is forced to rediscover who he is through the personal and professional turmoil of being an entrepreneur. (To Learn more: http://areyoufunemployed.com)

The entire movie has been filmed on a shoe string budget of $5,000, which was director, Christine Chen's savings for 2 years. We are currently in the process of raising money through Kickstarter to finish the movie. Please help us out because we will not be able to finish the movie without your help.

Special Thanks to The Eastern Sea for the lovely song: "A Lie"

To learn more about Moth to Flame: http://mothtoflamefilms.com Show less
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