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This is ModepsTV

140 views 5 months ago
Hey! It's a trailer for this thing! I quickly explain what the deal is with my different video types, and tell you a little about myself too. Wow!

Here's the backing audio track if you like it:
Twitter: @modeps
Please subscribe for more video game content: http://youtube.com/modepsTV
If you listen to podcasts, I'm the host of one! Check out Short Attention Gamer: https://itunes.apple.com/us... Show less
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First Timer Play

With the exception of setting up the recording and adjusting settings, these are raw, first looks at a game I've never touched before.

Playing Through Play

Anytime Modeps has played a game previously, and continues to record himself playing, those videos are all thrown in here. It doesn't mean he'll play through the entire game in video.


Popularized by The Real World in 1992, these personal video interviews showcase Modeps at his most vulnerable... without video games.

Spelunking Play

Obsessed with Spelunky for a long time, this once daily updated playlist is not heavily used anymore, but if it is used, it'll be Spelunky. Spelunky.
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