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Mocha Club

Mocha Club: Small Sacrifices. Big Impact.

1,773 views 11 months ago
Over the last decade, Mocha Club members provided care for over 500 child mothers and their children in Northern Uganda. In 37 African communities that once only had access to dirty disease-filled drinking water, Mocha Club provided fresh, clean water sources... You can make a difference in Africa. Small Sacrfices. Big Impact. Join the Club. Show less
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Mocha Club Experience 2.0 Play

Charlie "Char" Beck has traveled to Africa multiple times to capture the people & places Mocha Club supports over the years. You may remember when he and his buddy Skiff traveled around the continent for 3 months back in 2008 on the first "Mocha Club Experience". Well, it's time to go back! And this time Char is bringing a new friend... musician & long-time MC supporter, Matt Wertz.

Char and Wertz will spend 10 days visiting the current Mocha Club projects and partners on the MC Experience 2.0 -- and then will release 10 webisodes (one a week) after the trip.
During the 10 days be sure to follow our social media with #mochaclubexp to follow along on their journey, and then we'll be posting the 10 videos right here & on the MC Experience page: http://www.themochaclub.org/mocha-club-experience

Char & Skif - the Mocha Club Experience Play

The Mocha Club Experience: Starting November 1, 2009, Seattle Pacific University recent graduates Daniel "Skiff" Skiffington and Charlie "Char" Beck visited all of Mocha Club's current projects in 7 countries and took Mocha Club supporters and friends on a three-month virtual adventure to experience real life in Africa!
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