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MarijuanaBusinessAcademy.com: The "How To of Business Marijuana"

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The MMJBA offers step by step group classes and seminars. Group classes are 8-hours and are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the process, procedures, rules and regulations.

MMJ + RMJ Overview
Regulatory Structures, MED, DOR, SLA, LLA
The "Colorado Medical and Retail Marijuana Code 12-43.4-101 et. Seq. C.R.S.

Licensing process
Complete application required
Process to issue new or renew licenses
Factors considered for evaluation of owners
Qualification process
Individuals, factors, good moral character
Transfer of ownership
Change of locations
Application, business, location
Conversion of MMJ to RMJ business

The licensed premises
Possession of licensed premises
Limited access areas
Changing, altering or modifying licensed premises
Shared licensed premises (medical) and (retail)
Security alarm systems and lock standards
Video surveillance
Water disposal
Selling, serving, distributing and transferring MMJ and RMJ products
MITS: Marijuana Inventory Tracking Solution

MMJ Centers/RMJ Store
License privileges
Limitations and prohibited acts
Point of sale restricted area of access
Acceptable forms of identification
Health and safety issues

MMJ Optional Premises Cultivation/RMJ Cultivation Facilities
License privileges
Limitations and prohibited acts
Health and safety issues
Testing requirements

MMJ/RMJ Manufacturing Facilities
License privileges
Limitations and prohibited acts
Health safety issues

MMJ/RMJ Testing Facilities
License privileges
Limitations and prohibited acts
SOP Manual
Analytical processes
Proficiency testing
Quality assurance and control
Chain of custody
Records retention

Transportation and Warehousing
Warehousing Off-premises storage

Business Records and Reporting
Records required
Reporting and transmittal of taxes
Change of manager procedures

Labeling, Packaging and Product Safety
General applicability
Packaging and labeling marijuana
Packaging and labeling concentrates
Packaging and labeling of edibles

Signage and Advertising Issues
General Requirements; deceptive, false, misleading?
The term "minor" as used in MMJ and RMJ codes
Television, radio, print and internet
Targeting out of State prohibitions
No safety claims
Outdoor advertising rules
Content that targets "minors"
Location based devices
Pop up advertising
Event sponsorship

Enforcement, Discipline, Law Enforcement Procedures
Duties of the State Licensing Authorities
Discipline of MMJ and RMJ operations
Non-summary, summary, regular suspensions
Hearing, subpoenas, appeals, penalties Show less
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