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Misha James

Rise of Flight Multiplayer Video: My Nieuport 11 vs three human Albatros pilots

213 views 1 year ago
This is a re-release of the raw footage of the encounter used in the El Dorado video. I pulled the video the day I released it, but decided that it might help show off some mistakes, to help newbies, so I decided to take the video off of private and put it up, today.

I make numerous mistakes in this encounter, such as fixating on my first target. I actually had a second Alby pilot trying to shoot me down, during the first minute of this video. I did not notice this until I finally looked behind my machine. Fortunately, the second Albatros pilot experienced some sort of stoppage and could not shoot at me, allowing me to Split-S away.

After gaining awareness of this second Alby, I put up an ok defense, working from one to the other Alby, and back again. I shoot down the first Alby. After a flat scissor fight on the deck, the second Alby crashes into the ground.

A third Alby comes down and her pilot crashes into my tail, to knock me down. Luckily, my little role playing pixel pilot guy survives, as does the pixel pilot guy of the person ramming my machine. Show less
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