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Making Money While You Sleep - Full Time Youtube Video Blogging

43,773 views 6 months ago
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A video on how I started video blogging (vlogging) and making a living out of it full time. I chat about the time and effort and things you need to consider like camera, lighting, sound and a tripod.

Other topics:

* Earnings from Google Adsense
* Advertising clicks
* Page CTR - Click through rate
* CPC - Cost per click
* Page RPM or CPM - revenue per 1000 views
* The internet and Youtube, a profession that allows you to make millions of dollars all from the comfort of your own home!
* Being a professional video blogger
* full time youtuber
* How to Make Money From YouTube
* Make a Living on Youtube
* making money on youtube
* full time youtuber salary
* earning a living as YouTubepreneurs

The 25 Highest Earning Youtube Stars:

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