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Emilie Autumn Cover - Gentlemen Aren't Nice - mjfan84

5,831 views 4 years ago
Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/?z... Yep, this is me singing. :) Pretty much sums up how I've felt lately. XD This song is so vaudeville, and I love it. I sang this to an instrumental version of the original by Emilie Autumn. To record this, and a lot of my other covers, I used a Line 6 POD UX2 Recording box. It's a handy little thing. I love the audio quality it gets. Upon retrospect, I may release a second version of this one. I like it, but there's a couple little things I wanna fix :)

Check out the original song here!

For the instrumental track (available for download in their description)

Lyrics (My take on them is slightly different from the original):
Once upon a time I thought
"What's the one thing I haven't got?"
There's not a single thing in this world I couldn't buy
That's when a gentleman caught my eye

Once or twice we went around
And I'll tell you the thing I've found
You shouldn't make your move until you know the price
Because gentlemen aren't nice

Just because I won't agree to take his arm
And I occasionally forget his name
He likes to call inclemency what I call charm
But I know they're all the same

I think I've realized my first mistake
When he cried that his heart would break
I would have thought that I was worth the sacrifice
But gentlemen aren't nice

Just because I leave him all alone for days
And go about with others of his kind
He dares complain about my evil ways
It drives me out of my -- out of my mind

Now I relate it's hard to bear
I only endure it so that I might spare you ladies
I'm not known for my good advice
But gentlemen aren't

So agreeable
Love ain't a paradise
And if I've told you once, I won't tell you twice
Gentlemen aren't nice

Gentlemen aren't nice

Hope you like it!

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