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kwaku s

Deez - Otis

2,058 views 2 years ago

I'm in a new man role with 2 bad ho's
And Otis R on the sample nigga, who ran soul?
I got 'em bobbing from Brazil to Seoul
Give them urge to dance from head to sole
Yeah, I'm 'bout to make it sting like a cut mixed with iodine
The game is mine a nigga been starving now it's time to dine
Napkin on the lap, spinners on the 'Lac
And all types of luxuries that money can attract
From filet o fish to filet mignon
KFC on the curb nigga, dinner is served niggas
Ralph's polo on my back with Pun's rhymes as I recline
Watching Jeter at bat in a Boogie Down state of mind
New York City and the State is mine
And I'll have that position on the grind 'til I resign
You niggas annoy me no time or any room for
But ya stay popping up, shout out benign tumors
Far from malignant, I'll kill you in an instance
I threw shots from roof tops, I got distance
Take care of business by myself, no assistance
Fuck an underboss, vice or right, no assistants
I'm an solo act what the fuck I need a band for?
Sharing groupies? That's something I can't stand for
Why you wanna stick for my paper, damn whores
Try that again and I'ma put you on the damn floor
I'm up by 20 and you can't score
I'm sonning you niggas now get back to work and do your damn chores
I bring the guns out properly, niggas think they got moxie
Have the homies in your crew scream like Luciano Pavarotti
Hitting operatic notes because of fear of the kid
NOW THAT'S RESPECT, they don't wanna get near the kid
Like he got leprosy... Oh you testing me?
Then get infected with this army type weaponry
I got power so I'm steady flexing
And the jealousy is coming out your pores you already vexing
Me the best and yes everybody has to know
I'm here to piss you niggas off; V-Nasty flow
These suckas think they run shit, well call me the mayor
I'll have you niggas locked out like NBA players
The price is very steep, charge you cats, no pity
You'll have to give an arm and leg for the key to my city Show less
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