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Savvas Papasavva

DIY Film Equipment & Videos

17,023 views 5 years ago
DIY Filming Equipment:

0:24 Camera Clamp
1:42 Guitar Tripod
3:10 Movie Tube
5:08 Camera Body Harness
7:08 Underwater Housing

Video collaborations with Nathan Birchenough, Craig Kao and Reuben Cope. Show less
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DIY Filming Equipment Play

Homemade filming equipment: This has been a preoccupation of mine for a while. I am going to be showing videos now of many of the things I have designed including quick release plate, camcorder rocker, dolly etc.

3D Printer Video Diary Play

In this blog we will be collecting our thoughts while building, develop and using 3D printers. Working from an open source starting point, we hope to get to grip with this newer technology which over the last few years has become a little more accessible, with the intention of documenting its impact on our individual and collective practices, as well as in day to day activity.
BBKP are Nathan Birchenough, Nicholas Brown, Craig Kao & Savvas Papasavva.
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