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Mark Wiens

Food is the reason YOU should travel.

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Food is the the reason you should travel.

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I'm Mark Wiens, a full time travel blogger, food guide author, and video producer, but most of all, I just love to eat eat and learn about a country's food and culture.

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Food is one of the absolute most rewarding things to travel for, and when I travel, I base most of my experiences and discoveries on local cuisine. I enjoy history and natural scenery, but If it wasn't for the food and how cuisine ties in with a culture, I wouldn't be nearly as excited to travel. So in this list I've gathered a few of my best food videos from where I've traveled. Included is an outstanding south Indian restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, incredible mango kulfi in Delhi, India, plenty of tasty Thai street food, and many other mouthwatering feasts. Enjoy!

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I grew up traveling the world with my parents. So after graduating from University in the US, I decided to continue traveling on my own, with a focus on tasting food and experiencing cultures from around the world. I've spent most of my time in Asia and Africa, but I hope to travel to more and more destinations and make more food and travel videos!

Travel Tips Play

Here are a few of my favorite travel tips and ticks to help you travel the world. In this list of videos, I'll include some of my best advice for traveling the world in order to eat! Hope you enjoy these travel tips videos and be sure to leave a comment if you have any questions of further ideas.

Thai Recipes (You Can Make These Authentic Recipes) Play

Many of the Thai recipes you see on this list, are my mother in-laws own combinations of Thai food ingredients, which she has passed down to me, and I am grateful to learn and share with you. She doesn't follow any recipes when she cooks Thai food, but she merely adds in the ingredients she's always known (and which have been passed down to her from her mother), and then tastes tests until everything is perfect (and let me tell you, she's one of the best Thai cooks I've ever seen).

You can follow these Thai recipes, but Thai food is very much a taste based cuisine - in other words, you need to taste test everything you cook, to make sure it's balanced and tastes appropriate to your taste buds. Even on the streets of Thailand, when you order certain dishes, the vendor will occasionally let you taste test before serving it - to make sure it tastes good according to your taste buds.

Enjoy this collection of authentic Thai recipes, many of them are very similar to the same versions of the dish that you'll be served in Bangkok or in Thailand at street food restaurants. Follow these Thai recipes and you'll be tasting the real deal.

All recipes are filmed and created in Bangkok, Thailand. Thank you for watching, and happy cooking.

- Mark Wiens
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