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Burnout 2 - Time Attack - Big Surf Shores Fwd - 1'34''483 (micmic85 VS ghost of 1'34"983)

6,085 views 7 years ago
Burnout 2 - GameCube - 60 Hz - supercar - time attack - 1'34"483.
My best record is 1'34"233 & it's the actual World Record.
A God's lap need no music in order to hear the motor's sound (if up to 160 mph or just 160 mph). Show less
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My Top Burnout 2 Videos Play

Here's my best video about burnout 2.
A record must be pushed to the limits !!!

Burnout 2 - Time Attack World Record Play

Here's some of my time attack in order to show my records are legit & i don't use cheat.
Try to beat me.

Burnout 2 - Crash Mode & Big Crash (World Crash Rankings) Play

Some of my best crash on burnout 2 on the crash mode.
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