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Michael Miller

1hr Refresher with Estil - Robinson R44 Helicopter

4,329 views 4 months ago
Winter 2014, on a beautiful sunny I had he privilege to fly with a former student from my Sevierville SCC days. There is no such thing as to much training. I encourage anyone and everyone regardless of their experience to stay current on both book knowledge and flying capability.

On this particular afternoon we brushed up on all the maneuvers, going from the basic hover work, max takeoff, hydraulics, simulated engine failures, hover autos, governor off work, and etc.

Estil did a great job, showed much improvement as we knocked off some of the dust that had formed over time. Now, the key is to keep off the dust and to take the level of proficiency to the next level.

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Ft Rucker Here I Come - 2,000-3,000 hours Play

It is amazing how time flies by! I have been very blessed to have flown as much as I have in the short amount of time that I have been flying professionally. Just after passing 2,000 hours of piston R22 & R44 experience I finally received a call from URS at Ft. Rucker, AL to see if I were still interested in being a flight instructor, instructing for the U.S. Army and other foreign governments. After thinking it over Thanksgiving weekend I called back to Rucker and agreed to come down for the interview.

My flight environment has changed dramatically from the little airport of Gatlinburg, TN (GKT). Now I am training at the Army's busiest airport in the world, being the home of 160+ Bell Jet Rangers and approx 40+ Hueys, 4 King Airs, 6 UH-72 (EC145) Lakota, 3 Chinooks, and 3 Blackhawks for the U.S. Army & Air Force, all of which is in a Class D airspace.

Life is Good! Never take anything for granted. Remember your past.
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