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Spirits Communicate @St. James Episcopal Cemetery in Bristol, PA

2,411 views 2 years ago
PARANORMAL ACTIVITY THROUGHOUT ENTIRE VIDEO!!! Philadelphia Paranormal Group, which I am a member, investigated St. James Episcopal Cemetery in Bristol, PA. Using a spirit box, several war veterans communicated with us. One talks about getting shot by a gun in the back. As soon as he says, "Gun" we hear the gun shot. He talks about a lovely female which I'm sure he left behind as his life ended so abruptly. I guarantee this is not boring! So, turn the lights off and watch if you dare!!! Show less
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Paranormal Activity Play

These are videos which we captured Paranormal Activity. Apparitions, EVPs and orbs have been captured. They are all real and the real proof is not knowing sometimes until someone else notices. It was almost three years until someone noticed there was a reflection of a man in my passenger side mirror at Ghost Mountain in PA.

My Predictions Play

These are my prediction videos since 1/2010 and before Haiti had it's horrific Earthquake. I predicted major Earth's changes and I continue to do psychic videos. 2011 brings UFOs and more horrific weather. The Government will also start microchipping.
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