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Musically Superior Track Pack! Play

My 2nd track pack is FINALLY here! This one is at least ten times better than my previous in many ways:
1. I created every single song (with the exception of Alt-F5, which my friend made) in FL Studio 9, not Logic Pro. I have officially made the switch! :)
2. This trailer video (as well as the preview videos for each song) were made in Adobe After Effects and compiled in iMovie HD.
3. The charts are shown in GH3!
4. THE DOWNLOAD LINK CONTAINS FILES FOR BOTH GH3 AND FOF (in separate folders for each)!

With that said, here's the list of five tough yet FC-able songs in alphabetical order:

Alt-F5 (song credits go to http://www.youtube.com/user/badburrito)
March of the Dead

I hope you guys enjoy this track pack! I had a TON of fun making this one (speaking of which, special thanks to IsThatAGiraffeZ and schmutz06 for helping me out a ton!) and I think I will never go back to Logic Pro :P

(gamingfreak3) Musically Superior Full Pack FC! Play

Videos of gamingfreak3 FC'ing every song in my Musically Superior Track Pack! Congrats to him for being the very first (and only as of 5/30) to do so!
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