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Metal Detecting Oregon

MDO - I Increased My Silver Count by 500%, So Can You!

3,718 views 1 year ago
This shows how not only experience, but also equipment, will increase your silver count.
As far clad goes, in 2011 I found around $375 and in 2012 around $385, or there abouts.
But the real difference is my old coin finds.

Also, if you follow these simply tips, you too, will have a 100 silver count for 2013!

1) Buy an E-Trac or CTX 3030. I know they're expensive, but if you're serious about your time and what you want to find, make the investment.

2) Location - Hunt areas older than 1955. You can find silver after that date, but focus on dated ground for the best results.

3) Dig, dig, dig!! Don't be afraid to dig!!! Dig iffy targets and remember the sounds you had. The more you dig, the more you'll find, esp., if there's some high tones mixed in and around the target.

4) GO SLOW!!!! Best tip!! Keep the coil to the ground or as low as possible through out the whole swing. I started swinging at 2-5 seconds per swing, from left to right. Sometimes even longer if the ground is really trashy.

5) Focus on a small area. Don't feel you have to walk the whole park or school. Find a small area and really focus on it. Show less
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