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Michael Erlewine

Spirit Grooves Show: Two-Minute Trailer

665 views 1 year ago
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A trailer for Spirit Grooves with host Michael Erlewine, a 12-segment series distributed by CPM-PRO to 540,000 locations as an in-room channel for hotels, college campuses, and dorm rooms. Show less
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Prime Movers Blues Band with Iggy Pop Play

The legendary Ann Arbor group, the Prime Movers Blues Band, which included a young Iggy Pop, also J.C. Crawford, Michael Erlewine, Daniel Erlewine, Robert Sheff ("Blue" Gene Tyranny), Jack Dawson, Ilene Slverman, and others.

Climb to Crystal Cave in Tibet, Dharma Grooves Play

One of my trips to Tibet was in the late summer of 1997. One pilgrimage spot that everyone tried to talk me out of going to was the legendary Crystal Cave (Shel Drak) of Guru Rinpoche on Crystal Mountain, a key pilgrimage site for Tibetans, in particular those of the Nyingma Lineage. It is said to represent Guru Rinpoche's Buddha attributes. After all, this was Guru Rinpoche's first meditation cave in Tibet. It was here that he bound the demons and Bön influences under oath. Many termas were hidden and revealed here to practitioners like Orgyen Lingpa and others. I felt I had to go there. This is that story.

The Self and Dharma Play

A group of six videos on learning meditation, with a fair amount on the role and nature of the personal self as not the best vantage point to view life.

Introduction to Focus Stacking Play

From Macrostop.com with host Michael Erlewine, an introduction to Focus Stacking, shooting multiple layers of photos each at a different focus, producing a combined photo with as much of the subject in focus as is wanted. Aside from the techniques specific to focus stacking, a general introduction to equipment, camera use, and accessories is provided.
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