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Meri Amber

Watching You Breathe - Music Video - Meri Amber

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Watching You Breathe Music Video by Meri Amber

Watching You Breathe is a song about falling into a dizzy faze of appreciation, when the world blurs out and you're focused in on the one that you love. The song is the third track of Meri Amber's premiere CD release, the Wandering Mini-P, and was released along with the other songs in the Mini-P on the 20th of September 2013 (exactly a year from when Meri first started showing the world her music) at a sold out concert. The official site for all things Meri Amber is http://www.meriamber.com.


I'm stuck on your smile
That little one that you leave when you fall asleep
And I could lie on your heart
In the plains of the warmth of the sweet ticking beats

Just watching you breathe oh
Watching you breathe oh
Watching you breathe

Cause I'm along for the ride
Tiny waves as you drink up the air from the room
And I could close my eyes
And still see you there dunked in the light of the moon

Just watching you breathe oh
Watching you breathe oh
Just watching you breathe

The film clip depicts Meri Amber singing and relaxing by Parramatta Lake as a love story between two rubber ducks unfurls before her. The yellow rubber duck looks out longingly at all the other birds that have found each other and are together in groups. She seems alone and there's a sense of detachment. Through the bridge of the song she starts to see bright blue rubber duck footprints and goes looking for the owner. The final shot of the video shows the yellow rubber duck floating with a blue rubber duck together happily in the water.

The song was written by Australian singer songwriter Meri Amber and features her vocals over her guitar playing as well as a folk instrument section that she orchestrated. It was recorded at King Sound Studios by producer Joey Lewis and audio engineer Fabian Bethuizeau It sits in a sweet, ballad, acoustic, fok, pop, singer-songwriter style.

You can find Meri Amber around the internets at
Website- http://www.meriamber.com
Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/mer...
Instagram- http://instagram.com/meriamber
Twitter- http://twitter.com/meriamber
Google+- http://meriamber.com/google...
Tumblr- http://meriamber.tumblr.com/
Soundcloud- https://soundcloud.com/meri...

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