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Kurt Hanson

Miley Dreams, . . . isn't gonna happen. Play

Three videos from YouTube's jezabell69, and two videos of my own and several videos from others have inspired the initial idea for a TV series or movie presently entitled, Miley Dreams. Any plot or theme can center around these animations that our Miley, aka Maiden America will dream about at the beginning or at the end of each episode. The limit is one's imagination for where to go and what social, political, educational, or world events to include within each episode. The potential to Rock the foundations of the earth, and to steer a future course for humanity are present, limited only by the team of scriptwriters who will produce ..., imagine that American firecracker Miley "Maiden America" Cyrus will over the course of the next ten, twenty, thirty years lead a generation of young folks to pursue the quest for learning, understanding, and then building the first computer systems mimicking biological cognition. Robots with computer cognition is the goal. Knowledge gleaned in this pursuit will reveal truth about ourselves as personal and social creatures, hoping the world becomes a better place in the process. And the impetus leading future generations towards this goal was a Rock star! Yes! How perfectly wonderful a thought. The West has triumphed over all others ..., and we the West ARE THE BEST, as recorded in the history books of tomorrow. Writing the scripts for Miley Dreams ... . The potential is there to Rock future generations (if I have any say in the matter.)

Several of my scripts and ideas for Miley Dreams can be found at: http://hanscyrus.com



March 25th 2012 -- apparently not gonna happen. So it goes.
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