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MiP- Remote Control Robot from WowWee

1,347 views 2 months ago
Available at: http://www.menkind.co.uk/mip

Meet MiP - the first robot which can be controlled using GestureSense technology, so wherever you move your hand your own little robot buddy will move as well. Push your hand or an object towards him and watch him react -- it's like he can sense you're there!
You can even control him using your smartphone; simply download the app to make your MiP dance, drive, balance, battle and so much more. Create your own custom paths using your iOS or Android device to send MiP on his own little journey around your living room. MiP stays balanced on both wheels by using the same technology they use for Segway's and he can even carry his own weight and more using the tray that comes included. So why not try and stack a can or two of your favourite drink on MiP's carry tray and direct him to your friend on the sofa - you won't have to leave your seat again!
He also has his own in-built emotions and personality so be nice to him and he will be your new best friend, but get on his bad side and you will have one angry robot on your hands! Want to see all out robot warfare? You and a friend can pit your MiP™'s against each other to see which robot comes out on top.
The MiP has 7 ingenious modes for completely customisable movement:
MiP- Use hand movements to direct your robot to wherever you want it to go.
Tracking - Set the MiP™ in tracking mode and watch him follow your hand or leg wherever it goes.
Dance - Upload a song to the app library, press play and watch your robot move to the beat (but please no One Direction)
Roam - Let your MiP™ off the leash and let him explore and react to the environment around him.
Tricks - You can't teach an old dog new tricks, but you can command your MiP to perform up to 100 different tricks. Anything you can do MiP can do better.
Cage - Block off all exits and watch your MiP™ try to escape out of his virtual cage.
Game - Stack as many objects as you can on MiP™'s tray and watch him balance. It's like a robot version of jenga!

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