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Eric David Smith

Melody Meets Me - "Time Moves Faster As You Get Closer"

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"Time Moves Faster As You Get Closer" - Lyrics

I've been so locked away, inside this tiny room
I need to break away, completely let it go
I haven't slept in months, I've been so busy here
I keep on thinking though, how much you make me smile
sometimes I wonder why, you never come around
sometimes, I wonder if you're just playing games
I've have no time for that, but I will never lose
so if you're hearing this, lace up dancing shoes...

put on your party dress, and lace your dancing shoes
cut through the waiting lines, be my celebrity
I'll be your fancy drink, so you can drink me up
break all the clocks in town, you know they only control
we want to lose control...
we want to lose...

we'll find out a make out point, so we can get it on
no need to worry now, I'll keep you safe and sound
we'll snap a photograph, inside the photo booth
so we can stop this time, we want to stop the time
we want to stop the time
we want to stop the time

time moves faster, as you get closer to me

©2010 Melody Meets Me - Written, Recorded, Produced by Eric The Robot Show less
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