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Marcus Hobbs

Marcus Hobbs - Good Girls / Original Song

22,964 views 11 months ago
Marcus Hobbs - Good Girls / Original Song
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To write this song i started with a basic funk style chord progression and added R&B vocal styles to it. In my head i could hear an artist like Ne yo singing it. I added Overdriven guitar parts in the style of Carlos Santana and finished it with synths and horns to give it an RJD2 feel as much as possible.

The Idea is just to make free music that people can enjoy and do wit whatever they want, I hope that Good Girls did this

Equipment: AKG C214, M-Audio Nova, Focusrite Pro 14 Firewire, Macbook Pro 13, Logic Pro 9, M-Audio Bx5a Monitores, ATH M40 Headphones, Final Cut Pro, Vox AC15, Amplitube 3, Cannon 500d

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