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In the year 2017, a team of highly trained youthful authority figures known as the Reapers have sought to take the place of the police, as the old legal establishment had collapsed following the revolt of 2015.

The town of Clevverstone is now being struck with the worst criminal outbreak in recorded history as a masked individual known as the Faceless Tormentor continuously skulks the streets, seeking shielded vengeance on a mysterious entity.

Alan Marlow, a troubled young adult and leading commander of the Third Branch, frequently experiences periods of tense, mental struggles as well as abrupt, on the job mood swings. Little does he know that the primary investigation dealing with the Tormentor is in fact, linked together with his own life in one way or another. It is during this time of crisis where he must take the extra steps in discovering what this growing connection means to the rest of society as well as the world. Show less
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