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Ian Copeland

DJ Prince Nia Ultimate Collection

137 views 1 year ago
Complete collection uncut of the Black Mariarrs and stuff created in my spare time, so that's it :-) bye! bye! Band Members: Tommy T Wrong (Lead Vocals) Dj Prince Nia (Vocals) Bobby Magee (Vocals/Lead Guitar) Danny Ozramosis (Base) Birn Striper (Drums) Pro.Gator H.Baxter (Synth) The Black Mariarrs is no more!!!

We all had a blast, this never would have happened without you, thanks guys!!!

Birn Striper (Drums) Pro.Gator H.Baxter (Synth) are currently touring with Peter HOOK

Peter Hook and The Light

And special thanks to Firouzeh backing vocals to "How to be a Rockstar" and "The King of Roxbury" http://www.firouzehsings.co...

Ibiza & Brazil here I come so can listen to some real live raw music and not the shit bubble gum music that's streamed-out on radio stations!

I would also like to thank each and everyone who have commented on our site thank you!

And finally my favourite cat Olly ...leggit! ;-) what a star!
good bye Olly we will all miss you!

All my video's are not to upset anyone it's just art, if you don't like the content switch off and move on to something else! as in the "Charlie bit me" video.

Sorry I'm just a ordinary guy who happens to like creating weird and interesting stuff!

Strip club.....later caught you hawking,like screaming jay hawking at the Strip club,you were bouncing off the walls,trying to court yourself some action in here,youre wasted out and lonely,she came crawling on all Fours across the stage and grabbed you by the hair.....and the said....i want you i want you i need you i need you i want you i want you i need you i need you,.......Well come on!....i followed her into the night,in the city,and red night,somewhere in strettford,through the club window,i seen the neon carve its name on her back,they got every deviation,everything that you need in a Strip club,but Desire become illusion,....she said i want you i want you i need you i need you i want you i want you,i need you i need you.....Well come on......taret down the walls......tare down the walls ....tare down the walls

By Tommy T Wrong

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