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Madeline Tasquin

Another Trip Around the Sun - Madeline Tasquin (Mana Maddy)

4,154 views 9 months ago
Title track of Madeline Tasquin's EP "Another Trip Around the Sun," released June 2012 under the name Mana Maddy.
Support artist directly on Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/atats2012
Or on iTunes: http://bit.ly/atatsitunes
Official website... http://www.tasqu.in

NOTE: The Earth zoom-out I use in this video is entirely NorthAmerica-centric. Couldn't find one taken from another angle of the world or one that rotates to reveal the loveliness of the other continents. Love, Madeline


Our hearts take us places our minds can't go
and stairs that lead to nowhere fool us
and sticks and stones and names break our bones
while children spin on merry go-rounds...

Raindrops fall into their right places
Fall leaves blowin know which way to go
So why am I so afraid, afraid just to be alone
In the silence in between my thoughts?

Another trip around the sun
was over just before it had begun.
What just happened?
Did anyone notice?

All the while, we're on a big spaceship
Too vast to notice it's not flat at all
And there are no monsters lurkin at the edges
Only monster costumes and silt...
on this air balloon, tethered to the moon
Oh, what a view!

Our lives are a tangle of stories
We find all these reasons to live
Ticking, always ticking, tickin like a time bomb
As we dance gracefully through space...

Piano: Madeline Tasquin, Upright bass: Joe Lewis, Drums: Ezra Lipp, Violin: Graham Patzner, Viola: Charith Premawardhana, Cello: Lewis Patzner, Vocals: Madeline Tasquin, Guitar: Mateo Lugo
Mixed by Daniel Wright, Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper Show less
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A selection of videos of Madeline Tasquin (formerly known as "Mana Maddy")... Tour dates, music & more at www.tasqu.in
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