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Emily Bee

MAC Zuca Bag: Updated: How I Pack for my Freelance Makeup Gigs

10,820 views 10 months ago
How I Pack for my Freelance Makeup Gigs featuring my MAC Zuca Bag, 2013 edition. Watch the original video here: http://www.youtube.com/watc...

Filmed with a Sony NEX-F3. Sorry for the pixelation in some parts of the video, I had a hard time uploading this for some reason.

FTC DISLAIMER: I am not endorsed by Zuca and have purchased this bag with my own hard earned money as well as the makeup that went in it. It cost me a small fortune but this investment has already paid for itself with my last past gigs. Besides, I've been in the business for 10 years and have paid my dues, lol.

Japonesque palettes can be purchased at www.japonesque.com for $30-$60

Clear plastic containers can be purchased at The Container Store. The large one was $9.99 and the smaller ones $4.99 and up. The black mesh bags I used for my pencils were $2.99. Other misc. plastic containers can be bought at dollar stores.

Extra Utility Pouches can be purchased at www.zuca.com for $17 each not including tax/shipping. I don't know if they sell extras with the MAC logo on it but if they do, please let me know 'cause I wouldn't mind another one for my kit.

(NOT SURE IF IT'S STILL AVAILABLE) Zuca for MAC traincase can be purcased at www.macpro.com for $279 not including tax. I believe shipping is free. You do NOT need to be a Pro/Staff Card holder. Call the phone number on the website to place your order. Show less
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