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Magazines Canada

MagNet: Canada's Magazine Conference

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What does MagNet mean to you?

From the Canadian Society of Magazine Editors, the Circulation Management Association of Canada, Magazines Canada and the Professional Writers Association of Canada comes a new video highlighting the personal and professional benefits of attending MagNet: Canada's Magazine Conference.

Join us again on June 3-6 2014 for more sessions, events and networking.

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Ad Webinars Play

Magazines Canada's Ad Webinar series is directed to the magazine and advertising community—those in sales, editorial and publishing will benefit from these hour-long sessions.

Magazine Advertising Connects with Consumers Play

Magazines Canada partnered with BrandSpark International to create a study investigating what role magazine media (print and digital) plays in the path-to-purchase in comparison to other media. Results demonstrate that magazines play a vital role in connecting, informing, inspiring and influencing consumers throughout the many aspects of their lives. The study sheds light on how magazine media creates relationships with consumers, engenders receptivity to ads and persuades consumers to act. Findings also show magazine media's strength in reaching early adopters and category influencers while generating trust which translates into actions taken.
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