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Trailer: Free Speech & Transcendent Journey of Chris Drew, Street Artist" a film by Nancy Bechtol

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UPDATE, Release 2014. Stay tune for showings of: "Free Speech & the Transcendent Journey of Chris Drew, Street Artist"©2013 is an intensely Independent feature documentary (95 min) by Nancy Bechtol- (recorded on 5 different formats including cell phone and HD DSLR) for release in 2013-14 . Original Music courtesy of Hey Now Records, music by Andy Alton & David Mansfield of Behind the Sun. DV Film- Technical Support by David Bechtol. Produced by Shadow Bechtol Studio.
I documented Chris' journey for over a 3 year period with a crew of me, Ron Grenko and Hermann Wieland. Chris Drew's journey which started with and act of selling art for a dollar--an act of civil disobedience for 1st amendment rights, challenging the Chicago Peddler's License-- and turned into a challenge to the Illinois Eavesdropping Law--carrying 4-15 years in jail as a felony.Two Pro Bono Attorneys came to his Defense, Josh Kutnick and Mark Weinberg. I shot the arrest video which was wildly shown on local, national, international and social media sites. just Google it..smile.
The film is complete, Dec. 2013. I am just wrapping up the loose ends and readying for showing.-however, wherever, whenever...as the cosmos beckons. Soon I hope!
Thanks for your interest-- peace through justice. This is the most intense and meaningful thing you may have seen for some time, and speaks strongly to our times. it is about the Constitution and all our rights, seen through the eyes of Chris Drew, he lived it and made a difference. Chris Drew (1950-2012) Patron Saint of Street Artists and First Amendment Rights.
The Illinois Eavesdropping Law was declared Unconstitutional, with a permanent injunction, but the law remains on the books. Show less
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