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1,314 views 3 months ago
**I FORGOT CREDITING MME EARTHQUAKE, NIKI FOR THE SONG AND THE COVERS (even if the latter does not really count because I stole from the motion download). I'M SO 50RRY.
Yooooooooooo Fem!FACE family is heeeere~~ On Girls video I was like "yo we need a femFraaaaance" and now I am "OMG HIJICO I KNOW YOU MODELED 2pfemCanada where is sheeeeeeee ç_ç"
I'm glad still, anyway, I wanted to make FACE de Girls but ended up doing only ACE with 2 Englands :3 (remember ?) but even without 2pfemCanada, the 1pfemFACE's complete and Imma cry.
I was thinking on redoing my Girls with France but... It is the video of model download lol. So nah I'll pass.
I forgot the panties shot (lie), I hope no modeler kill me.... D':
PC died sooooo much doin' this, way too much, it looks like a simple&easy to do video but, orz MY PC IS NOT STRONG so it took toooooooooooo much time. orz.
I was thinking on adding ENG&FRA subs but 1), there was no French subs (or didn't find, I even wanted to ask my French friend to take the English one and convert but that's just so evil) and 2), time and SLOOOOOOW PIIIIIIICHIIIIIIIIIIIII--
Yeah. lol. dem descriptions dayo.
nico upload: www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm23382­408
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