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The F.U.N. Channel @ Big Apple Ponycon 2013!

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Ray (m3Atl0afman) & Lorenzo (RoyalDudeLorenzo) make their way to Brooklyn/Hooflyn, NY to a brand new Brony convention, the Big Apple Ponycon! Founded by KarRedRoses (& chaired by her alongside Alan Reid) of resident meetup group Bronies-NYC (whom Ray & Lorenzo are great friends with), this convention serves to fulfill the role of New York City's local Brony convention after the official BronyCon left the metropolitan area in favor of Baltimare, Maryland. This convention not only celebrates the greatness that is 'Friendship is Magic', but it also targets the previous generations of My Little Pony as well, from the glorious 80s to nowadays!

But will the convention hold up to it's promise of having spectacular action & sensational thrills for every brony of all generations? Will Ray & Lorenzo have a better experience here than at the previous BronyCon of Summer 2012? Who will they meet? What will they obtain? Will they experience the Elements of Harmony in two days? And most importantly, will Big Apple Ponycon make them "Smile Smile Smile"? Find out at long last in this movie-length adventure! Brohoof~! /)
Sign up for Big Apple Ponycon 2014! www.bigappleponycon.com
Big Apple Ponycon YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user...
Big Apple Ponycon Facebook: www.facebook.com/bigappleponyc­on
Big Apple Ponycon Twitter: twitter.com/BigApplePonycon
Join Bronies-NYC for awesome meetups! www.meetup.com/Bronies-NYC
(Opening Theme: My Little Pony 'Friendship Is Magic' For Orchestra by Walt Ribeiro: http://youtu.be/1SbQXvSrVbE)
(For those that want to see what Coltella was like and came down here in the description for the link mentioned around the 0:43:40 mark, head on over here: http://youtu.be/i90qH_iM-VQ)
Author's Notes: At long last and without further delay, here's our adventures at Big Apple Ponycon 2013 on the days of March 23rd & March 24th, 2013. I worked really hard on editing this alone, so I hope you all enjoy. This one's a huge 1 hour & 1/2-long special, a first in the history of The F.U.N. Channel, in 1080p HD no less! Admittingly, I had a better time editing this than the BronyCon vid, but it could be because I had less stress making this. I wanna thank everypony at Bronies-NYC including Kar & Alan for having us both days, and we hope to rejoin at the next Big Apple Ponycon, and possibly more! This one's to you guys. Enjoy~! ;3 /)
Lorenzo's Channel: www.youtube.com/user/RoyalDude­Lorenzo
My Channel: www.youtube.com/user/m3Atl0afm­an
My DeviantArt: m3atl0afman.deviantart.com
My Fanfics: http://www.fanfiction.net/~...
My Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/m3Atl...
Team Triforce Page: www.facebook.com/TeamTriforce
My Little Pony © Hasbro.
Bronies-NYC & Big Apple Ponycon © Bronies-NYC, Alan
Reid, Karen "KarRedRoses" Willis.
The F.U.N. Channel © Raymond "m3Atl0afman" Nunez.
All other franchises & entities belong to their respective owners. Show less
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The F.U.N. Channel @ventures! :3 Play

Ray (m3Atl0afman) and Lorenzo (RoyalDudeLorenzo), along with their friends, travel to many pop-culture events of their likings, such as the New York Comic Con and various brony conventions, as well as release parties for games and movies! And you, the fans, can partake in the adventures as well! (Well, whatever footage we record of it anyways.)
The entire "The F.U.N. Channel @" series can be seen here in this one convenient compilation! We hope you enjoy our adventures as much as we all did having them. ;3
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