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Lucid TV

The HD fractal sketch that wants to evolve into being called "Positronic"

32,659 views 2 years ago
First sketches and I see much potential here. I think I will be editing the video for this one. I sometimes like to let the video "run it's course", but I have a few creative ideas I want to try out... don't we all! :)

Song: Larmes

Band: Silence Album: Autre Endroit Free download at http://www.jamendo.com/fr/a...

Dear fractal purists... yes, it's some kind of bastard video warp... might not even have one bit (or byte) of fractal code... maybe it does... I don't know, I don't open the hood, I just do the paint jobs. Show less
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Inspirations for dreamy thoughts and trips. Are you dreaming now?
Does not actually sound like a rabbit.
These videos were created for my www.lucid.tv experiment. Pre Youtube

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Long Sounds and Relaxations
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