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Jason O'Connell

What My Channel is All About - Web Series, Short Films, Comedy, Challenges & more! [Channel Trailer]

1,430 views 4 months ago
Hi there, welcome to my channel! Here you will find Web Series, Short Films, Comedy, Challenges and more! If you like what you see then hit the Subscribe button and stay updated on my latest videos (it's free)

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WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/L4MUKWebsite

A little more about me and what you can expect to see here on my channel.
I'm British (of course), I'm also Gay, 6'1 and Single... I have a passion for Acting, Film Making, Singing, and being a YouTuber. I love to express myself creatively. Oh yeah!
My whole goal with YouTube is to have fun, entertain, and leave my mark on this weird old planet. In Billions of years when I'm no longer alive, yep, just like the dinosaurs, I want to be remembered for something, and if that happens to be my crazy, fun loving self, then that's even better :)

So that is why I am here in the land of YouTubers, now lets get to the videos you can expect to see on my channel...
First and foremost I LOVE Acting (Did I say that already? Oops, I did it again!) so you can expect to see videos of that nature, be it Web Series, Shorts Films, Comedy Skits (or are they called sketches) The type of genres they will be in are anything from Drama, Fantasy, Supernatural, Thriller, and Horror, cause that's all of the genres I love.
I will also be putting out funny challenge videos (who doesn't love a good challenge video, right?) because they are always a laugh to make, and my viewers seem to enjoy them.
Then there's the random Tag videos that I like to do, as well as Reaction videos, Q&A videos, and sometimes if you're lucky I will post Behind The Scenes, Bloopers or Commentaries from my other videos. Oh, and I also like to post update videos. It's good to keep you guys in the loop ;)
Speaking of which, if you want to know of any videos that are coming to my channel first then follow me on Twitter, cause you will get to know just that, and just about everything else that goes on in my life. What can I say, I like to vent, bitch and gossip...well, sometimes.

Ok, now that I've spent the last 30 minutes typing up this humungous description, that probably nobody will read, I'm going to go. I can't feel my fingers.
and on that note, toodles!

PS. Subscribe if you've read this and you like the sound of my channel.
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