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American Goulash

American Goulash 1: Nagymama, A True Story

302,092 views 8 years ago
A tongue-in-cheek but true tale about my unusual childhood where I shared a bedroom with my old-world grandmother. We are "ethnically" Hungarian, although my whole family is from Transylvania. This was my gift to Nagymama for protecting me and raising me while my mom worked to support us.

Update: Guys, this is NOT a political statement about Hungary, Romania, or the U.S.A. All of these racist comments would upset Nagymama, and this video is for HER. Come on...Hungary & Romania makes some of the best food in the world - can't we all just get along over a bowl of Goulash? :)

THANKS FOR THE FEATURE, YOUTUBE! TONS of FAQ, behind-the-scenes, translations, and MORE Nagymama stories are up on www.americangoulash.org

Traditionally animated at the Philadelphia University of the Arts, with chalk, pen & pencil and composited in After FX. Show less
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