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Sacred Tree : Fagus sylvatica

395 views 2 years ago
Emotion sublime que "l'oubli de soi"...
Se laisser guider
Se laisser ETRE,
au coeur de la nature sacrée
en fusion avec tout ce qui vit,
se laisser inspirer par l'Unité céleste,
se laisser ETRE VÉCU
par ce "plus haut que soi".

Sublime emotion of "self abandon"
Let me be guided
in the heart of sacred nature
To get inspired by celestial Unity,
To merge with all what is living,
To let me "BE LIVED"
by "much higher than my little self"...

Photos : http://www.flickr.com/photo...
Découvrez le magnifique specimen "Fagus sylvatica pendula" du parc de l'hermitage :
http://www.flickr.com/photo... Show less
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Science has evolved to a point where it is undeniable that consciousness plays a larger role in the environment that what was previously believed. Science up till now pointed to the world at large and tried to fit humanity's role into the machine. With new developments in Quantum Physics it points the finger back at us. It places a heavy responsibility in our lap - to become more aware of our thoughts and the manifestations that arise from them.
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