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Lorna Li

What to Expect on Lorna Li TV

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0:16 Hello powerful changemaker, my name is Lorna Li, and I'm the Mission Alchemist. I help worldchanging entrepreneurs harness the power of their life purpose to build mission-driven businesses that make a positive impact and inspire a movement.

0:32 I'm the host of a podcast on iTunes, called Entrepreneurs for a Change, and every Tuesday, I interview evolutionary entrepreneurs who are changing the world, making an impact, and designing businesses that support the lifestyle of their dreams. And I do this because I want to inspire you to believe that yes, it is indeed possible to have a business - to grow a business that you love that allows you to live the life that you've always wanted, whether it involves the flexibility to work from home, or the freedom to travel, or just having more time to spend with your friends and family.

1:08 So, on this channel, I hope to share with you, insights and information along the way, that I've gathered on what it takes to grow a business that you love that really has the power to leave a lasting legacy in the world.

1:25 So thank you so much for watching this channel, and I do hope that you have the opportunity to subscribe to this channel, as well as to my mailing list. You can go to entrepreneursforachange.com/jo­in to join the movement of changemaking entrepreneurs.

1:42 Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to watch this video, and to explore my channel, and I hope very much to have the opportunity to get to know you.




Lorna Li
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