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Yui "Hoshi" Kato

『Haritsuke no Seijo / The Crucified Saint -Piano Vers.-』歌ってみた ♔【Yui】

44,840 views 3 years ago
「I am just "Elisabeth"」

—▪▫♔▫▪— ❤ —▪▫♔▫▪— ❤ —▪▫♔▫▪— ❤ —▪▫♔▫▪—
♔ Download :: https://www.box.com/s/p3gxr...

□ Credits
■ Song: Haritsuke no Seijo / The Crucified Saint / 磔刑の聖女
■ Original Artist: Joelle (Elizabeth von Wettin)
■ Album: Märchen
■ Music: Sound Horizon
■ Intrumental: コウ☆゜。★ [ http://www.nicovideo.jp/wat... ]
■ Translation: soichirokun & Anime Lyrics dot com
■ Vocals, Mixing, & Animation: Yui

□ Message ::
Yooo~ Yui here~ ( OwO)//~ *waves~* Soooo~ Yeah~ Today is a very special day for me fufufuf~ X3 And I got VERY addicted to Sound Horizon *stares at Kanis-Onee-chan & Shiki* (*Q*) Especially to their new album, "Märchen" *sniffs and grabs tissue* It's soooo beautiful~ Especially Elisabeth's song~ \\(;A; )
Eh? What's Sound Horizon's Märchen? D8! Uwaaahhh~ You should listen/watch it! +A+)b Here's the first song: http://www.youtube.com/watc...
Spread the Sound Horizon love! /SHOT Anyways~
Hope you enjoy this video hehe~!

I'm going to do the full version of Haritsuke no Seijo, Kono semai torigkago no naka de and a group cover of Yoiyami no Uta! Hope you'll look forward to it~! ;D Show less
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