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Retro Beats Podcast with Derek Alexander Episode 13 (Genesis Marathon)

4,688 views 3 weeks ago
Episode Downloads and RSS: http://retrobeatspodcast.tu...

A Space Money Octagon Production http://bit.ly/SMOctagon

Art by http://danielbressette.com/

Decap Attack: Introduction
**MIC BREAK** [Snatcher: JUNKER HQ]
Decap Attack: Level 7
Burning Force: Sarinuka Sands
Asterix and the Great Rescue: Level 5 Roman Galley
Batman Stage 4-2 / 5-2
Decap Attack: Level 4
**MIC BREAK** [Snatcher: Pressure Tension]
Dragon's Fury Bonus Table 3
Light Crusader Dungeon 1, Dungeon 6
Master of Monsters Golden Warrior
Bonanza Brothers Bonanza Elegy
Dynamite Headdy: 13 Danzen Dungeon
Sparkster Level 5
**MIC BREAK** [Snatcher: Outer Heaven (Exterior)]
Battletoads: Arctic Caverns
Battletoads: Surf City
Double Dragon 2: Intermission
Double Dragon 2: Mission 3
Double Dragon 2: Mission 2 Boss
Castlevania Bloodlines: Theme of Simon
Ys 3: Seal of Time
Ys 3: Valestein Castle
**MIC BREAK** [Snatcher: Innocent Girl]
Decap Attack: Level 2
Streets of Rage 2: Never Return Alive
Contra Hard Corps: Jurassic Dope
Final Zone 10 After the War (Ending) Show less
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Retro Beats is a music podcast hosted by Derek Alexander. It is not video game cover bands, video game remixes, or video game inspired chiptune music. It is original video game songs from old school consoles. But no nostalgia is required to enjoy Retro Beats! It isn't just Final Fantasy and Mario Bros. we all know that stuff, Derek digs deep to find obscure, great video game music that you might have never heard from games you might not have ever played.
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