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"Against the Wind" - A Live-Action Sailor Moon AMV

45,330 views 2 years ago
Homebrew OVA category (tied) winner for the Metrocon 2012 AMV contest. The judges couldn't choose between this one and "Judas", so we both won :) All song and anime-related information is shown during the credits.

40,000 views??? Oh mah lawdy, thank you guys so much! I hope I can continue to make videos worthy of so many views! :)

Once again, I'm lucky enough to have the help of some great Cosplay.com members, who graciously took the time out of their days to help me film this. Here is a link to one of their cosplay profiles: http://animositycosplay.dev...
When I heard the song "Still Alive", I thought it was one of the most powerful and beautiful songs I'd ever heard, with such a distinct message that I couldn't help but imagine scenes to it, and only after a while did I finally start putting Sailor Scouts in it. Amanda and Junior were awesome to film with (and very patient, as I barely had a storyboard worked out, lol).
This was filmed with Canon Rebel T3-i (1080p/30fps), as well as a Fujifilm Finepix (720p/30fps) for the underwater shots, and edited with Adobe Premiere. Random fun special effects were found online. It took about five days to film and a few weeks to edit.
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