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owww! | marc & gretchen

5,089 views 1 year ago
watch in 720p? (ppl pls)

„never thought it'd hurt so bad"

same. editing this was kind of really painful idek?
i have a jealous/heartbroken!marc and a fierce/independent!gretchen kink tbh shh this is AU~*~
(please excuse any glitches, i really couldn't be bothered fixing them)

sorry it's been so long guys!!!! i have been occupied on my tumblr (cough) and with school since i am in my last year and THINGS ARE KIND OF STRESSSSSSSSSSSSSED. ●﹏●

dedicated to -- chris because she's the one to blame for all of this. fuck you, if you had left me alone, i would have been able to study for my biology test. :)
(as in not rly thx for giving me stuff to procrastinate with xoxo)
jfc i made the font in the beginning pink -- just for you! aha. x
[i woudl dedicate this to kelly & alex as well but i kinda wanted to dedicate a //real// m/g video to u. shh.]
also ofc a shoutout to my boo al and my boo hannah whom i still owe videos! do not h9 me. ily.

take care, lovelies! ♥

song: heart attack -- one direction (shh u like it)
fandom: doctor's diary (marc/gretchen) (WATCH.THIS.SHOW.BTW. it really is worth it, shh :D)
coloring: NONE (because colorings are the #1 reason as to why i don't finish videos, whY ARE COLORINGS A THING)
twitter: http://www.twitter.com/myba...
tumblr: http://pleasedreamsoftly.tu... (don't)

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