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Lindsay & Isaac

Joy And Sorrow (Rehearsal - 2011)

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Joy And Sorrow Live!

Performed by Lindsay & Isaac.

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JOY AND SORROW (Original song by Lindsay & Isaac).

Things that come, things that are gone
And a heart filled with sweet memories
Can't recognize her shadow in the skyline

She's out of money
She is broken hearted
It's a waste of time to make amends
When all she wants is to settle down
Get her car, roam around

Joy and sorrow are her name
Dreams and tunes echo in the rooms
Of her brain

Joy and sorrow are her name
Dreams and tunes, echoes in the rooms
Of her brain

Thunder and lightning cross the sky
But she feels from the inside
The strenght to get over this storm
It's time to set out and try
To find her place in life

Eyes wide open (...open wide)
In the night
Arms wide open (...spaces in your life)
The spaces in your mind Show less
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