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  • Its Sharkarosa Wildlife in Pilot Point, TX. We are a USDA licensed Wildlife Ranch and this is an orphaned gibbon being raised by staff who live in an apartment on the property. Diapers are worn for sanitary reasons, the shirt is because baby primates can not regulate their body temperature properly. At this age he would be clinging to mom and absorbing heat from her body. Orphans are raised in the apartment since they require constant around the clock care until old enough to join their troop.


    White handed Gibbon baby
  • Angry Sloth momma

    Momma sloth lost track of her baby & got very aggitated!
  • Trash Can Prank

    One of our junior volunteers tried to scare me by hiding under a table & grabbing my legs when I walked by. It didn't work. Then, I hid in a trash can & jumped out to scare her. Hee, hee hee! I win!
  • Baby Sloth eating a sweet tater

    Bumblebee Tuna the baby 2 toed sloth
  • Baby Sloth hanging out

    Bumblebee Tuna the baby 2 toed sloth
  • Baby Sloth

    Bumblebee Tuna the baby 2 toed sloth
  • Twin White Fronted Lemurs

    Twin White fronted lemurs born 4/17/11.
  • Hail 4/25/11

    Hail Storm in Pilot Point, TX. Just got back from running errands and stormy wouldn't get out of the car!!
  • Baby Lemur Breech Birth

    Dulce the Ringtailed Lemur was in labor with a baby in breech position. The baby's tail was the only thing sticking out of mom. We watched her closely as she attempted to push the baby out, but onc...
  • Peekaboo baby roo!

    For months, ranch staff have been watching a tiny kangaroo grow inside her mom's pouch & now she's finally ready to take a peek outside, even if just for a few seconds! This is Frosty the Eastern G...
  • Good Morning Mr Tinkles

    Mr Tinkles is NOT a morning kitty! He's so grumpy!! Of course, it could be the horrible singing :)
  • Bear vs Dog

    Barnaby the baby black bear vs Stormy the very tolerant Great Dane
  • Penelope Camel's Newborn baby

    Penelope the Dromedary Camel & her newborn baby girl born 7/30/10.
  • This is not a pet lemur. We are a wildlife ranch & this is a little orphaned ringtail I raised.

    Baby lemur hopping

    Orphaned baby ring-tailed lemur having a good ol' time hopping around & playing!
  • Twin baby Lemurs playing

    Twin baby Ringtailed Lemurs just playing around. These twin boys are about 4 1/2 weeks old and are venturing away from mom to see what trouble they can get into!
  • Mort eats a Superworm

    Cartman (aka. Mort) the Fat Tailed Dwarf Lemur eats a superworm.
  • Baby Lemur Playing

    Twin baby lemurs born 4/24/09. This video was taken when they were 2 weeks old. One is already very active & loves to play!
  • Newborn baby camel

    Newborn baby camel is standing but not for long!!
  • Newborn baby Camel

    This baby camel is less than an hour old and makes an attempt to stand and nurse from mom. He's a cutie!!
  • Baby Lemur Closeup

    Orphaned baby ring-tailed lemur being bottle raised.
  • Kangaroo joeys

    4 Eastern grey kangaroo joeys (3 are albino) enjoying a quiet evening.
  • Kangaroo joey

    7 month old albino eastern grey kangaroo joey going for a hop.
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