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The Subs - Hologram Play

Out now! Buy here:
iTunes: bit.ly/1moipQY
Beatport: btprt.dj/1jOLW9f

1. The Subs - Enter The Hologram
2. The Subs - Trapped feat. Colonel Abrams
3. The Subs - Live In A Dream feat. Selah Sue
4. The Subs - 27 feat. Jay Brown & Danny Greene
5. The Subs - Concorde feat. Jean-Pierre Castaldi
6. The Subs - Fly feat. Jay Brown
7. The Subs - Cling To Love feat. Jay Brown
8. The Subs - The Hand feat. Jay Brown
9. The Subs - Under My Skin feat. Jay Brown
10. The Subs - The Bottle feat. Danny Greene
11. The Subs - Hologram feat. Jay Brown
12. The Subs - Exit The Hologram

Hologram' is an album on which The Subs explore both a playfulness and a vulnerability that is new to them. This album is still brimming with energy, but the dark dance-punk of the previous record has been traded for a much more soulful vibe.
Wiebe 'We've done five years of very loud music and very specific, really intense live performances: it was time for something else. After our last gigs, I saw it in Jeroen's eyes: fear of routine. If there's one thing Jeroen's not very good at, it's faking something (laughs).'
Jeroen 'I think it's only a logical progression: paying more attention to songwriting, melodies, feelings and lyrics. Although there was no concept at all when we started recording a year ago. We didn't follow any trend.'
'Wiebe 'From hiphop to UK house, we absorbed a lot of influences, but this is still Subs-music. We took our time, trusted our gut instinct.'
Jeroen 'That's why we called the album 'Hologram': we like to think of songs as dreams, subliminal ideas, revelations almost.'

'Hologram' was conceived on an equally intriguing intersection: it's The Subs most accessible and experimental record to date.

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